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I Built a Drum Machine

In my college career, I majored in electrical engineering, and because of this, I learned about signal processing and audio. Now that I’m learning web development, I’ve been eager to combine my skills and delve into Web Audio, an API that allows you to do audio processing magic in the browser. This API allows you to create websites like Soundcloud or even remix songs algorithmically. I decided to create a basic drum machine, and then modify it to create a digital sequencer.

I first followed this Virtual Synth tutorial, which was a great place to start, but there were a few things I didn’t like about it:

  • No ability to create a sequence. What good is a drum machine without a sequencer (unless you’re Araabmuzik)?
  • Either I implemented the filter wrong, which is very possible, or it doesn’t work correctly. It doesn’t use a logarithmic scale, however, which is definitely a big mistake.

I threw a bunch of stuff together just to get a working app, but I think that my next step is definitely to pause for a moment and refactor.

I will write a tutorial in the future for this, but for now, since my brains hurts a lot, you can check out the current version of my Web Audio Sequencer. And, of course, check out my Github if you want to look at the code (latest commit as writing this post).